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Emergency Procedures

The best way to meet any unexpected emergency is to have a plan and be prepared. Our primary responsibility is the safety of all Valley View students and staff. Our Site Safety Team reviews and revises our procedures for fire, earthquakes, loss of power, hazardous materials and lockdown.

EVACUATION: We conduct emergency evacuation drills at least once a month to practice safe, orderly exits from buildings. All students and staff must report to the evacuation location as indicated on the Emergency Guide (please keep your Emergency Guide in your family vehicle for easy access and become familiar with the map). Any volunteer or visiting parents on campus must also evacuate to the lower field until the all-clear signal is given. Please do not come to the office or continue your volunteer work during any drill. In the event of a real emergency, everyone must be familiar with our procedures to ensure the safety of all.

STUDENT RELEASE: Two things to remember when picking up students after an emergency evacuation:

  • Please try to walk to the school to pick up your child. This will help decrease the car traffic around our school.
  • Students will be released at the Release Gates only, and only to an authorized adult.

EMERGENCY ID TAG: Students will only be released to those designated on their Emergency ID Tag that you fill out on the first day of school. Please keep this information current by notifying your child’s teacher of any changes.

COMMUNICATION: In the event of an emergency, telephone communication may be difficult. Please listen to KIEV, AM 870 for emergency information for the City of Glendale. If necessary, we are prepared to stay with your child for an extended period of time.

FOOD AND WATER: The Glendale Unified School District provides enough food and water for individuals on our campus to survive for several days. The inventory of water and specially sealed food is inspected yearly to ensure freshness and is replaced/replenished as necessary.