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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement: Mark Keppel Visual & Performing Arts Magnet is a place where students, parents, teachers and staff members work together to achieve academic excellence through the arts.

Staff, administrators, parents and community members:

  • Share the responsibility for and are committed to creating a safe, stimulating academic environment.
  • Integrate all four of the arts disciplines across the curriculum to empower all students to reach their full cognitive, creative and social potential.
  • Foster cooperative and independent learning.
  • Encourage critical thinking skills to promote a life-long love of learning and respect for all.

Keppel Vision: All members of the Keppel community work together to support students socially and academically. Instruction is student-centered and collaborative with an emphasis on literacy and communication. Instruction is informed by data and differentiated to meet students’ needs. It focuses on relevant learning experiences in order to prepare students to be kind, acepting members of society and effective communicators who are college, career, and life ready. There is a schoolwide emphasis on the arts and arts integration.